P.T. Germany Bullion Cups, Saucers & Cracker Bowl


TEN two handled bullion cups or cream soups with saucers, AND ONE open cracker bowl with attached saucer.   21 items in total.  Absolutely Superb Quality!

The cups measure 3 7/8" across by 2 1/2" high and the saucers measure 5 3/4" across. They are decorated with beautiful holly leaves and berries along with mistletoe. The colors are bright and vivid, the gold is still bright and has very minimal wear.

Circa 1902.

PT stands for "Porcelain Factory Tettau" and bears the mark from their first year of operation under that name.  The factory was initially founded in 1794 by Georg Christian Friedman Greiner, and later was owned by several other people, but in 1902 the name was changed to "Porcelain Factory Tettau".  Imagine, this Christmas set was designed to impress their customers during their first Christmas of operation.  A true statement of the quality you'll find in this set.

The cracker bowl measures 4 1/2"" across and the saucer measures 6 1/2" across and stands 3" high.  One saucer has a few surface spider marks in the middle, and the tenth cup has a hairline crack.

Serve a magnificent & impressive Christmas Dinner with this set!

We've used this set for oyster stew on Christmas Eve, a family Norwegian tradition.




Price including shipping is $777.

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