The Essex Hunt

Complete set of 4 Prints

"Painted, engraved, and published by Dean Wolstenholme, Jr.  London, May 1, 1831.  Very fine set of four hand-colored aquantint engravings.  The horses and hounds in this attractive set are all taken from nature and belonged to Henry J Conyers, the huntsmen are portraits of figures of the time.

Each 22-1/2" x 26-1/2" inches, attractively framed with French mats in antique, 19th century Ackermann frames."

I cannot verify the accuracy of the description given above... this description came with the prints when I purchased them at a local estate auction.  But as a very amateur art appreciator, I can honestly say that these are absolutely stunning when viewed!

Sorry for the poor photos... too much glare and reflection from the surroundings.  These prints are in fine condition.  The only damage that I have noted is that the glass on one of them is cracked as shown, and some wear to the frames... the prints themselves are quite nice. 




Modestly prices at $1495 plus shipping.     SOLD

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