Daisy Wood Stock Pump BB Gun No 102 Model 36

Old Daisy BB Gun with wood stock



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Here's an old Daisy BB Gun with wood stock.

It has Daisy No. 102 Model 36 with patent number 2,758,586, other patents applied for... Register No J751791.

This was in our house when we purchased it.  If found it on top of an old cabinet.

It seems to pump fine and when fired I can feel air come out of it. 

It does have lots of wear to the paint... an old sticker is on the barrel, and the stock has a replacement screw where the original screw is missing and another screw is still missing and so you'll need to supply those missing pieces. The stock has a few chips and wear to the wood.

I'm not guaranteeing it to work.. but I don't know why it wouldn't.